Week in Review: (Volume 1, Issue 16)

capture-5 We are another week in after the 2013 IPCPR and I have smoked some amazing new releases. I was very worried that this would be a poor year of releases, but I have definitely been proven wrong. There are so many terrific cigars being released on the market right now that I can see why classic cigars that have been on the market for a year or more are being overlooked. Whether the company is brand new, or has been around for some time, they are all putting out quality cigars. There are definitely reasons for that, and that is because of the amount of knowledge this industry has right now, the tobacco being grown and the factories being used. I can not wait to see where I am at when the years comes to an end and I begin working on my Top 25 of 2013.

Fratello Corona

There is this fear I have when a new company enters the cigar industry who has not had a part in the industry on any level before. That fear is if these cigars going to be any good?! I can say with confidence that Fratello Cigars is a company that entered into the industry with a terrific first blend. The cigar shows tons of flavors, great complexity, balance, and is very unique. I think a lot of smokers will dig these cigars, and I believe they will do well with the guys who like Dominican and Nicaraguan cigars. If you see these in your store, do not hesitate, pick some up. Review soon to follow…

La Palina Mr. Sam

When it comes to limited releases La Palina is hitting the nail on the head. The last three have been hits and I am loving the work they do with El Titan de Bronze. The cigar is nothing like a Goldie but has its own characteristics. I think this is the most Nicaraguan cigar La Palina has released, and I think it will be well received by a lot of smokers. It is a very limited cigar though so don’t be a fool and pick them up in high quantity. I have to say that the price on the cigar is incredible and to be honest I was expecting a higher price at the end of the day. Job well done La Palina.

Review of the La Palina Mr. Sam.  

Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Maduro Toro

I believe that the best release from Casa Fernandez was the Miami Reserva. I thought the cigar showed wonderful flavors, great strength, nice balance and a lot of depth. It is a very Cuban style cigar, and they are aging terrifically. I actually have not purchased any of the newer releases of the cigar in the Toro version because I bought so many of the original cigars in 2011. With the expansion of the line last year to three additional vitolas it was only natural that eventually they would make it into a maduro as well. I have to say that the cigar shows the classic Mexican San Andres flavor profile you get with Casa Fernandez, but I was expecting a little bit more. 

Review soon to follow…   

Davidoff Nicaragua Robusto

I know, I have been smoking these for a while and need to get a review up. Should be up this week or next. I am enjoying the cigar much more each time I smoke it though. Review soon to follow…

Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Bon Chasseur

I was more excited for the Belle Encre when I saw the new vitola offering for the Brown Label, but I can say with ease that the Bon Chasseur is my preferred new release from Tatuaje. The cigar showed every great thing you could ask for in a cigar, and showed the classic Brown Label flavor profile. Bon Chasseur is French for Good Hunter, and that is an appropriate title given that the Brown Label line is actually called Seleccion de Cazador. (Cazador being Spanish for hunter) This is a lovely robusto extra that will offer any Tatuaje fan a terrific smoking experience. Review soon to follow…  

Abaddon by Blue Havana & RoMa Craft Tobac

In the great city of Chicago is a cigar shop called Blue Havana. The shop has received high ratings and praise from smokers in the city, and though I have not been there, the next time I am in Chicago I plan to stop on in. The shop is one of the retailers that carry RoMa Craft Tobac, maker of CroMagnon, and because of the relationship they decided to come together to create two retail exclusive cigars. The one I have smoked thus far, it is a pre-release, is the Abaddon. I was thoroughly impressed with the cigar and love the blend that they created. It shows some terrific RoMa Craft flavors but with a nice uniqueness. If you are a fan of the Aquitaine and CroMagnon then you will need to call Blue Havana to get your hands on these smokes. Review soon to follow…

Rosalones 448 by Joya de Nicaragua

You know those times where you enjoy a product that is not made for your market but you absolutely love it? That is the case with the Rosalones by Joya de Nicaragua. The cigar is made for the Spanish market, but is definitely a cigar that myself and many others I know in the States would love. The cigar is a great Nicaraguan puro that shows tremendous flavors, balance and complexity. I would say this is the best example of a cigar that Joya makes that is absolutely medium in body and strength. If you are looking for a middle of the road cigar by Joya, this is it.  Review of the Rosalones 448 by Joya de Nicaragua.  

Room 101 Serie HN 213

A terrific new release from Room 101, the Serie HN is a cigar that I believe will be a huge hit.  Room 101 is a company that is producing better blends each year and they have come a long way from where they begin. This is a very affordable cigar that shows terrific construction and great flavors. If you are a fan of Honduran Criollo you will love this cigar, and if you have not enjoyed the tobacco before this is a great example for you  to reach out and smoke. I think the pairing he has with Davidoff is a terrific one, and he has access to some incredible tobacco and knowledgeable individuals which is helping with his blends. 

Review of the Room 101 Serie HN 213.