Week in Review (Volume 1, Issue 17)

capture-1-5 I am actually ahead with reviews right now, I know total surprise, so it is giving me the opportunity to go back to some older cigars that sometimes get forgotten with cigars that need reviewing. It is a very enjoyable thing to review cigars, but sometimes I feel that I forget to enjoy the cigar as much as I am intended to. This was a week of smoking cigars that I absolutely love, and some cigars that I saw in one of my many humidors and caught my eye. The more I look in my humidors the more I see tremendous cigars that have been on the market for sometime. Will there come a time where this is nothing new to make? Are we nearing that? Are more and more blends becoming similar to one another?

illusione Rothchildes

The Illusione Rothchildes has been a go-to cigar for me since it was released in early March and I have no doubt that the cigar will continue to be a go-to cigar for sometime. I can say with confidence that it will be in my Top 25 of 2013 and I think a lot of smokers can say that. Retailers are struggling at keeping them in stock, and that is because of what Dion has done with this cigar. It excels in every category and is a cigar that manufacturers should look at and strive to compete with. I can list plenty of manufacturers who are making $10 cigars that can not compare with this, heck even $15. This is proof that a cigar does not need to be expensive to be great. The greatness excels from Dion’s ability to make an excellent blend at an affordable price with quality tobacco.

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Partagas Serie D No. 4

Probably one of the most well known robustos around the world, the Serie D No. 4 can be considered a guideline for all robustos. When made like they can be, high quality, this is a magnificent cigar. I have had this robusto since 2007, and I think they were making great Cubans in 2007 and 2008. You can always track quality vintages with their cigars, and 2007 and 2008 were great years. This particular smoke showed incredible construction, tremendous flavors and a wonderful body and strength level. So many people go for a Cohiba Robusto when in reality this should be the cigar they choose eight times out of ten.

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Los Regalos Quetzal Robusto

If you are looking for an amazing cigar, and I mean amazing, while flying under the radar right now in terms of popularity then you need to smoke Los Regalos Quetzal. The cigar is by far one of the best releases from Emilio, and one of the great releases in 2013 so far. The cigar is composed of a variety of tobacco and the factory is not disclosed. Gary likes to keep a little secret to each of his blends and this smoke is no different. I have some ideas what factory is being used, but I can not fully confirm. Do yourself a favor and pick up this cigar. You will very pleased with what the smoke has to offer. There is a great amount of smoke and flavors with terrific construction.

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Nat Sherman 1930 Corona Grande

Nat Sherman has really come a long way in terms of cigar production in two years and they are only getting better. Since Herklots has joined the company they have begun making cigars that reach out to the modern smoker. One of their new releases, the Nat Sherman 1930, is another example of excellent blending skills. The cigar has incredible construction from beginning to end, and it produces a terrific flavor profile that shows the great qualities of cigars coming out of the MATASA Factory. If you have not smoked a Nat Sherman in a while then you need to check out their new releases because you will be happy with what they offer. Review soon to follow.

Lou Rodriguez Habano-Rosado Robusto

I think this is one the most unique Ecuadorian Habano wrappers that I have smoked and it shows how versatile the wrapper can truly be. I have smoked many samples of the cigar and it is a cigar that is still growing on me. It is funny because I have spoken with a lot of guys who love this line, but it is not my personal favorite. I think the robusto vitola offering, which is new to the line, really brings out a lot of the great qualities to the cigar and is my favorite in the line. The construction is great from smoke to smoke and it produces an enjoyable flavor profile from beginning to end. This is a cigar that I will definitely come back to and smoke down the road.  

Regius Robusto

This is a brand that has been out for a while but I have just gotten my hands on. The line is a Nicaraguan puro, and each vitola in the line has a unique blend. There are not many lines on the market that do this. They are made in Nicaragua by Nestor Plasencia and distributed by Sag Imports. The cigars are very Cubanesque and are distributed mostly for the European market, but you can still find these at some retail locations in the States. They show excellent construction with lovely flavors that are Nicaraguan but toned down. If you have the opportunity to pick some of these up I highly recommend that you do. Review soon to follow.

Flores Y Rodriguez Habano Cabinet Seleccion Genios

This is a cigar that is incredible on so many levels. I believe it to be one of the best Dominicans in current production, and it is also the most affordable one at that. When I think of Dominican puros I often think of them as being fairly pricey, but PDR has been able to produce them at a low cost. They utilize quality tobacco and make wonderful blends that show the tremendous qualities of Dominican tobacco. These cigars have been smoking wonderfully since released in 2012 and they age wonderfully as well. This particular smoke showed quality construction, lovely flavors, great strength, body and a wonderful amount of smoke. A perfect cigar to sit back and relax with.

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