Week in Review (Volume 1, Issue 19)

capture-9 This was a terrific week of cigar smoking and a week that showed a variety of smokes. Connecticut Broadleaf was definitely the most visited wrapper for me this week, and both cigars I smoked that utilized the wrapper were incredible. This was also a week where I smoked a lot of cigars from the Dominican Republic and much more so than I usually do. There are not as many companies based in the Dominican Republic these days, and those that are have been there have been there for some years. There is this stereotype that a boutique company needs to come out of Nicaragua and that is not the case. On a major side note you’ll see a lot of photos of these cigars with cappuccinos as well. I believe that a cappuccino is one of the best pairings to have with a cigar.

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Especiales

I am a big fan of the Timeless Collection by Nat Sherman and when I want to capture those great flavors in a shorter time frame I reach for the the Especiales. It is the one time that I can say that I prefer a larger ring gauge cigar over a smaller offering, but it is still so enjoyable. The cigar shows excellent construction from beginning to end and captures the terrific Honduran Criollo qualities that the wrapper has. Nat Sherman has really made a comeback with the Timeless Collection and its newer lines have really fed off of that line and begun to help them gain recognition from a lot of modern day smokers. 

Review here.

L’Atelier Surrogates Crystal Baller

This is probably one of my favorite cigars by L’Atalier Imports. The cigar is their only box press release and one of their softest in terms of strength as well. I consider this cigar an easy morning cigar and it is a cigar that I can smoke at anytime of day with enjoyment given the flavors it offers. The Surrogates brand/line is an excellent concept for a company as it provides consumers with the ability to smoke a cigar regularly at a terrific price but have it show some of those terrific limited qualities at the same time. If you have not smoked the Crystal Baller then you need to pick a hand full up as soon as possible. You will find yourself smoking these back to back with ease and still wanting more. I am definitely a Baller over a Tramp

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Rodrigo La Fortaleza Cinco 5

Rodrigo Cigars is a company that is making ground in the boutique world and is a company that shows you don’t need to be boutique in Nicaragua but can be boutique in the Dominican Republic. George Rodriguez is a manufacturer that stumbled upon a former Davidoff blender with his own factory. The two started an incredible relationship and have had great success since then with George’s releases. La Fortaleza is probably my favorite of his lines and shows so much balance between flavors and strength. I prefer some of the other sizes in the line but Cinco 5 is definitely a great larger ring gauge  Review soon to follow.

AFR-75 Sublime by PDR Cigars

PDR Cigars is a company that has been making solid cigars at great prices for a long time. They are a young company when you look at the others in the Dominican Republic and they are a creative company as well. They have blends which feature a variety of tobacco from all over and they don’t get bogged down with tobacco from one country. They honor the DR with some terrific Dominican puros, but most of the time they are using great tobacco from great regions. This year they had two new releases and both have been fantastic. This one, the AFR-75, is a rich and earthy cigar that will be a hit to many smokers. With excellent construction and flavors this limited smoke will be selling quickly on the market. Review soon to follow.

La Aurora Cien Años Edición Especial Robusto

I did not think that La Aurora could make the Cien Años any better and I was wrong. This is a terrific cigar that excels in every category and is a cigar that all cigars should want to be. Besides the fact that it is one of the best cigars while utilizing the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, the cigar features amazing Dominican tobacco in the filler and binder. I know these were very limited when released, but if you still have access to them pick them all up. The cigar shows amazing construction, a solid body, perfect strength and outstanding flavors. I can not speak highly enough about this cigar. Review soon to follow.

Tatuaje Avion ’13

Pete Johnson has once again proven that he is King of Connecticut Broadleaf. The Avion ’13 is a terrific new release and a great accompaniment to the past Avion releases. I think this cigar is my personal favorite of all the releases and I am glad that it will be available in limited quantities regularly. The wrapper does wonders with the blend and it brings the previous Avion cigars to their knees. I think this would be the most approachable of any cigar in the Fausto family and that is because of the wrapper used. The cigar shows lots of rich coca flavors and has a nice bit of black pepper with that throughout.

Review soon to follow.