Week in Review (Volume 1, Issue 22)

capture-2-3 Variety was not a big factor for me this week, but I will tell you that where I lack in diversity I made up for in great cigars. It was actually a week where I smoked stuff that was either brand new, or cigars that were big a year to two years ago. There was really no in between this week with cigars that were released a couple months ago. Most of the cigars I smoked this week were puros, and they were either Honduran or Nicaraguan in terms of country of origin for the tobacco. I think three of these cigars will definitely make it into my Top 25 of 2013, and it is really just a matter of location in that list of great cigars. As I said last week, the weather in North Carolina is getting to be perfect for enjoying cigars outdoors and with that being said let us get this week in review over with so we can all get outside and smoke some killer cigars. 

Grimalkin Toro

To this day I find this cigar to be incredible. It has aged wonderfully over the past two years and even current releases are very enjoyable. The cigar is different now with the new bands and name, no longer Grimalkin, but it is not better or worse in terms of flavors and strength because of that. At the beginning what made this cigar so great was the bands. Looking at the bands you would think this cigar was not impressive by any means, but in fact it was and is a tremendous cigar. I am fortunate enough to still have an unopened box of these in one of my humidors, and I almost don’t want to open it and remember where La Musa all began. Emilio Cigars is making some great sticks, and with Gary at the helm they never disappoint. If you have not smoked any of their cigars I strongly suggest you reach out and smoke some as soon as possible.

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Tatuaje Black Label Corona Gorda 2013

The cigar is back, and while it is limited, it is a cigar that will not be too difficult to get your hands on come December. Originally released in 2007 this is a cigar that smokers have gone crazy over for years. Some still have the originals, but most have smoked them all and waited on the edge of their seats for them to be re-released. The cigar shows everything you could ask for in a cigar and that is complexity, depth, balance and transitioning. Flavor bomb is an appropriate title for this cigar and it is possibly one of the best cigars Tatuaje has created.  

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L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER13

L’Atelier came up big at the 2013 IPCPR and to be honest with you, they have been on fire for the past two years now. They have created hit after hit and I believe this will be a big year for them in terms of ratings. Featured at the trade show was their newest and first limited release. The cigar is called L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER13, and it is now hitting the shelves of retailers across this great nation. The cigar is crafted in a terrific size and offers a flavor profile that is complex and very natural in my opinion. I think it will reach out to a lot of connoisseur smokers on the market because of what it offers. It is a cigar that offers a flavor profile that is not overly sweet or dry, but right there in the middle appealing to all.

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Wynwood Factory Fresh Toro

Sometimes you have a great idea and create a terrific product, but it just does not sell. I believe that was and is the case with the Wynwood Factory Fresh Series. The cigar are Honduran puros that are crafted in Miami, Florida and are crafted in a way that once rolled they are packaged and shipped out. What this does is have the retailers get factory fresh cigars and encourage consumers to enjoy them then and also age some to see how they change. I think these requirements put a lot of work on retailers, and some of them did not push it well forcing the brand to somewhat “fail.” The cigar itself is packed with amazing flavors and shows excellent construction. I think it is a great example of how wonderful Honduran tobacco can be and is a cigar that many should try. The ones I am smoking are close to a year old and I can tell you that they have aged wonderfully.

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