Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 19)

weekinreview-5 It’s been a pathetic smoking week but the reason for that is that I was rewriting several reviews that my daughter managed to delete. I find it difficult to rewrite a review when I am smoking a different cigar because my focus is on that cigar. With that being said, I made time to enjoy some great cigars. Several were new to me, but one is an absolute classic that I think is truly one of the best non-Cuban Churchills. I was also fortunate to smoke a lot of pre-release/pre-production cigars this week and they are very enjoyable. I don’t want to drop any hints besides the fact that they are tasty!

Tatuaje Reserva SW

A full bodied cigar hailing from Miami, Florida, the Reserva SW is a blend that has been tweaked but based off of the original Seleccion de Cazador. The offerings are stronger in terms of strength and body, but continue to show those wonderful and flavorful characteristics of the Seleccion de Cazador line. The Reserva SW gets it’s name from the famous Sir Winston Churchill, and like the favorite size of Sir Winston, the Reserva SW is a true Churchill measuring 7″ with a 47 ring gauge. With impeccable construction from beginning to end, this is a cigar that delivers terrific flavors through and through. They age wonderfully, and the most recent box I got was from 2013. If you have not tried these, I highly recommend them.

Review Here.


This lancero came with a beautiful wrapper that had a slightly bit of tooth and a lovely Natural- Colorado coloring. The construction was perfect from beginning to end and it was a lancero that smoked cool, produced a lovely burn line and had a light charcoal ash from beginning to end. There were flavors of oak, leather, coffee and tobacco present, and it had a nice dry spice flavoring as well. I am interested to see what people think of these and what will be going on with the cigar when it is released. Right now, a solid lancero that is blended well for a lancero, and not just made a lancero so you can say you have a lancero.

Ninfamaniac Dark

You can count the number of ninfa styled vitolas released right now on one hand, and two of them are from Crux Cigars. There new line Ninfamaniac consists of two versions, the Natural and the Dark, and today I am looking at the Dark version. The ninfa is also a figurado in the fact that it has a tapered head and foot, and is a small ring gauge cigar that smokes cool and well from beginning to end. There were lovely flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, tobacco, berries and spices present from beginning to end, and it is a cigar that I could smoke a handful back to back without being bored. I am really digging what Crux Cigars is doing, and besides the fact that there cigars are flavorful and balanced, they have some sweet packaging that comes with that. Review Coming Soon.  


A wonderful perfecto that is constructed perfectly and is beautiful in presentation form beginning to end. The draw is right to my liking and with that is a burn line that remains nearly razor sharp throughout. The ash is this light charcoal coloring and the smoke being produced is the perfect amount. Great flavors were present in each third, and the transitioning that was present with the increase and decrease in ring gauge was sublime. This has the potential to be a great success for so many smokers out there and I myself will want to get my hands on a couple of boxes. I will let you know when the news comes out on this because it will be important to follow.