Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 7)

weekinreview-2 What a week! Had What Embargo? yesterday and with that I was able to smoke some solid cigars this week. I was smoking two of my favorite brands from Habanos, and with that smoked some new cigars that have just been released or will be released shortly. All I can say is that you will love the Lou Rod Snub Nose, great short version to the Lou Rod smoke, and you will also be wowed by the Viaje Leaded. When it comes to the H. Upmann and Juan Lopez I smoked, the age was nothing but an amazing addition to the cigars. Have a great Sunday brothers!
capture-1-3 I started this week off with an H. Upmann Magnum 50 and the cigar is incredible. This particular smoke has been aged since 2009 and it has really opened up over the years. The cigar was complex while showing those classic H. Upmann flavors. I consider the flavor profile a classic Habanos flavor profile, and it is not strong but very balanced. Everything about this cigar screams complex while remaining medium in body and strength. I feel that the H. Upmann brand is the one brand in the Global Brand portfolio that seems to keep a low profile, and to this day I do not understand why. It has an amazing Churchill, Pyramid, Half Corona, Corona, Petit Corona, Corona Gorda and of course the double robusto known as the Magnum 50. If you area able to get your hands on these, set them down for a couple years because they will not show its true greatness until its been resting for a while.

Review here.

img_7025-1 Juan Lopez is a brand that is incredible by itself, but once you take into account the Regional Editions that follow the core smokes it becomes even better. Why it is only a Local Brand perplexes me, but at the same time I am glad they keep production on the lower side of things as I think it helps quality control. All three vitolas in the brand are terrific, but today I am focusing on the Juan Lopez Selection No. 1. I think this is the second best corona gorda to come out of Cuba and the best vitola in the brand. The prices on these smokes are terrific, so if you get the opportunity to pick up a box do not hesitate. These will smoke very well in under a year, but with some age they are fantastic!

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RoMa Craft CroMagnon Cranium

Recently rated as an 88 in Cigar Aficionado, I am glad to see Skip making it in the most well known magazine when it comes to cigars and I know it will draw attention to the RoMa Craft brand. The cigar produces those solid CroMagnon flavors in a larger format and with that is great construction. I am not the biggest CroMagnon fan, or a large ring gauge fan, but this cigar is actually very enjoyable. The line is a line that is growing on me, and it is a nice change from smoking the Aquitaine brand which I love. Review coming soon.

Lou Rod Snub Nose

A wonderful addition to the Lou Rod line/brand, the Snub Nose is a shorter smoke that still shows those terrific flavors from the original. The construction on these cigars is amazing and they are cigars that many people could smoke and enjoy. With a price that is amazing, these smokes are moving fast at the retailers who have them and with a market that is looking for large ring gauge cigars, this smoke was a brilliant release from Lou Rodriguez. 

Review coming soon.

Tatuaje Series P Robusto

Just because a cigar is composed with short filler tobacco does not mean it is a bad cigar. Dion has been producing incredible smokes with the Cuchillos Cubanos and Pete has done the same with the Series P. The cigar is a Cuban sandwich style cigar and is composed of short filler and long filler tobacco. There is not a lot of complexity with the cigar, or even depth, but there is an enjoyable flavor profile that is nice in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Viaje Leaded Robusto

The best release from Viaje in some time, I was blown away by this cigar. If you have the opportunity to pick some of these up, pick up the whole box. The use of medio tiempo tobacco in the belnd is wonderful and it is a cigar that Viaje nuts will love. Along with that, if you were not impressed with Viaje smokes before, you will want to smoke this.

Review coming soon.