Why Do Some Cigars Taste Bitter? And What Can I Do?

Why do some cigars taste bitter and downright terrible? I can only imagine how frustrating it is. You sit down, and you’re ready to relax with a fine cigar, and wow. This cigar tastes bitter today, and I’m going to bring you some great information that will cover most of the problems with bitterness. Remember, some of these problems will not be your fault. It will be the manufacturer’s fault.

#1. Cut Cigars In The Right Way

Why Do Some Cigars Taste Bitter? And What Can I Do?

Number one, first, cut your cigar correctly. What I mean by that is to make sure that you have a clean and wide surface. Suppose you have a small puncture hole or a minimal open surface. In that case, you’re going to have a small concentration of smoke, which will make that cigar burn hot, and together what your saliva, it’s going to make that cigar taste very bitter because the smoke will be too hot, too constricted.

#2. Lightning Your Cigar

Number two, make sure you light your cigar correctly. Remember to turn that cigar in a 360-degree radius. So you light the cigar entirely around. And if you’d like, you can go to some of our older YouTube videos that will show you exactly how to cut and light your cigar correctly. Make sure that you like that cigar correctly. If you only light a portion of the cigar, only a portion of it will be burning. And that again will build more of a concentration of hotter smoke, which will lead to bitterness. You want to make sure that you like that cigar correctly. And remember, you light your cigar correctly. You’re cut correctly.

#3. PuFF On & Rock’n’Roll

Why Do Some Cigars Taste Bitter? And What Can I Do?

You’re also going to want to puff on it correctly. And what I mean by that is take your time. If you puff too fast or too frequently, you’re going to start building carbon buildup on the foot of that cigar. And a lot of hot smoke is going to incur because you’re rushing the cigar. And again, that’s going to help the cigar turn bitter because you’re rushing it.

#4. Relax and Take it Easy

Why Do Some Cigars Taste Bitter? And What Can I Do?

Take your time. Even if you have to relight the cigar, enjoy the tobacco. And when you smoke a little cigar, I’m sorry, when you smoke a little slower, all those oils, starches, and resins started knighting slowly. And that’s where you’ll start tasting those flavors at that particular blend that the cigar manufacturer wanted you to taste. Remember, friends, and it’s not a race. It’s about relaxation and enjoyment number four.

And this is the one thing that you can control. And that’s improper curing, fermentation, and aging of the filler binder and tea and wrapper tobaccos in that actual cigar you’re smoking. As I said earlier, a cigar is meant to be savored. Well, you certainly can’t save a fine cigar.

If it hasn’t been cured, fermented, or aged correctly, it always guarantees harshness. And, in turn, will have an intense bitter aftertaste. Not good, folks.

#5. Buy the Quality Cigar

Why Do Some Cigars Taste Bitter? And What Can I Do?

Number five, improper filler construction. We’re just a poorly made cigar, either tunnel canoe, or they could be plugged in, not draw. They could also be loose and underfilled with not enough filler, which will lead to smoke billowing out so fast. It’ll burn your tongue, and the bitterness is just downright terrible. These two factors will always lead to bitterness, and cigars like that have to be thrown away, or you’ll fight it. And life’s just too short for that.

#6. Never Forget About Humidification

Number six, make sure that your cigar has good humidification cigars, especially over humidified cigars will cause bitterness because that dampness it’s going to make you puff faster to keep that cigar lit. And in many cases, you’re going to have to puff harder. That will lead the bitterness for a predominant cigar. I always recommend 65% humidity + choose your cooler humidor.

#7. Enjoy and Find Your Perfect Cigar

And finally, remember to smoke the cigar with a taste profile that you enjoy. It’s great to try different rappers and strength blends, but remember, the taste is subjective. And if you smoke something your body likes, it just might not be your cup of tea and could be bitter to you yet. Your body finds it sweet. So I hope that these points will eliminate most, if not all, of the bitter cigars. I promise to continue to provide you with the best information I can on our love of premium cigars. Thank you.

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