Wine Tasting Friday Night with Red Dog

Third Wheel and Goats Do Roam

Last night Red Dog and I had a scheduled wine tasting with the two wines above. Well it started with two, and quickly got out of hand. Both are red blends, but very different. Third Wheel is from California and is predominantly Zinfandel with some Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes as well. The Goats Do Roam is predominantly Syrah with Cinsaut, Mourvedre, Granche, and Carignan; and is from South Africa. We started with Goats Do Roam, and were somewhat disappointed. The wine had a vibrant ruby red color and a nose of lamb, anise, and cherries. Right after the first sip, our pallets got some berries and spice, but the wine was very light. Red Dog and I were not to fond of this wine, it was just lacking in our opinion. I believe I gave it an 87 and Red Dog gave it a 5 out of 10. (For all of you out there, Red Dog takes his wine seriously, and after that decided not to rate wines numerically, but merely state “oh this is great!”) 

After we were done with the Goats Do Roam we went into the Lancers. Lancers was a sneak attack that was given to us at the last minute, and we had no idea what we were getting into. Actually, Red Dog defended Lancers and swore by it. I made sure to keep track of his argument, and it was broken down into three categories.

  1. “Don’t make fun of Lancers Rose Seth, it is a very reliable Rose.” (How Red Dog knows it is reliable scares me.)
  2. “Don’t make fun of Lancers unless you drink Lancers!” (He has a fair point with that.)
  3. “It’s got frosting on the bottle, it’s great!” (Most valid argument on behalf of Lancers)

Note: We actually decided not to rate it, but it was very crisp and we loved  the carbonation.

After Lancers, we got back on track. Actually, I don’t think we were ever on track, but we dove right into Third Wheel. Third Wheel was a great wine, we really enjoyed the flavors it gave off and the nose. We felt that it was medium in tannins as opposed to the Goats Do Roam which was lacking, and produced great flavors. We picked up lots of dark berries, dark cherries, coffee, and some chocolate. This was so far the best wine we had drunk, and I gave it a 91.    

Naughty Cellars – Racy (2004)

After going through Third Wheel, Red Dog pulled out the big guns and insisted we taste this new bottle he had. He had picked up a couple bottles of these earlier in the week or last week, and was loving it. I had noticed the wine when picking out some music, and thought this is awesome. Naughty Racy is predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, but it had some Cabernet Fran and Zinfandel in it as well. This wine was teasing out pallets all night, we could never pin point one flavor in it. I got lots of black pepper, Bing cherry, plum,  dark Raspberries, and some Blackberries. This was really an incredible wine, and we gave it a 94. We kept sipping on this wine the rest of the night, and I was constantly bombarded with, “oh my god man, oh my god!” It was after the Racy, that we began speeding up downward spiral. After doing some serious damage on those bottles of wine, Red Dog decided to hit up his cellar and get something “uber special.”

Ridge Vineyards – Zinfandel Nervo (2005)

We went through every bottle on the rack, but we decided that the wine that was appropriate to drink, due to it’s number of years aged was the Ridge Zinfandel Nervo. The color on the Nervo was not your typical Zinfandel, but had a nice purple-hue from the Petite Sirah, but it still had the notes of a great Zinfandel. We got a nice jammy flavor to it, dark cherry, raspberry, and blackberry; but had tons of anise, cloves, and pepper on top of that. The Nervo had a great flavor profile and once it really opened up was a treat. We planned on saving some for the ladies we were going to be seeing late, but that plan vaporized within minutes. I gave it a 94. The age had been nice on this bottle, and I think it had reached its peak.          

The Tasting Table

At the end of the evening I lit up a Rocky Patel Olde World Reserve maduro, and Red Dog and I began the discussion on which was the best wine of the evening, Nervo or Racy? We both came to the conclusion that Racy took it. We thought that Racy was just more complicated and it kept us guessing. The Nervo was great, but it took you down that Zinfandel road everyone knows. I love that road by the way, but Racy just took us by surprise. If I were to compare the two, the Nervo would be you getting in a Porsche and driving around the country. The Racy, would be as if you were about to go walk in the woods on a rainy day, but instead decided to take out the Hummer and do some serious damage.  If you are looking for a nice red blend, try out Naughty Racy, you won’t be disapointed. I look forward to the next wine tasting with Red Dog, that is if our wives allow it though, and I am thinking Prosecco.

Red Dog celebrating the decided winner!