What am I doing wrong with Whynter 251S?

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Seth Geise Staff asked 4 months ago

I have a new humidor Whynter 251S that holds 200 cigars. There is 1 pound of 65% Heartfelt beads, with 1/3 on the bottom, middle and top. I’ve calibrated them with the Boveda calibration kit. The humidity stays at 72% on top and lower when they were both set to 68%.

I want to know what I can do to maintain 72% humidity without having to put in Damprid or open up my humidor.

Thanks, Bill

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Seth Geise Staff answered 4 months ago

Bill- The short answer is you will need a few things. First, you’ll need Boveda 69 packs which are designed for large humidors like yours and the 69 is the only pack that will fit properly and the larger the humidor, they need to be on top of your Heartfelt. Please Note: I’d recommend you remove any DampRid or other solid humectants from your humidor. They are not compatible with Boveda Packs and can cause damage to them over time.

When you first set up the Whynter, there will be some variation between the temperature on top and bottom due to how it’s designed. Give your humidifier a few weeks so you can get a better sense of how things are going.

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