Which RH value do you like for aging? I currently keep everything between 64- 67 rh.

Questions From Our VisitorsCategory: QuestionsWhich RH value do you like for aging? I currently keep everything between 64- 67 rh.
Seth Geise Staff asked 4 months ago

This seem to work well for my cigars. I am seeing a lot of cigars being aged around 65 rh. Was not sure if this was the standard or that particular cigar makers were making RH that high on purpose?
Do you think aging in the humidor at 73/74 rh would be detrimental, since it is at a high rh already and by the time it reaches 69- 70% all moisture will be gone from the cigar? I have read somewhere here about storing cigars at 73rh. But not so sure about that now since doing some reading with PDR Cigars where they thought differently.
Sincerely, Larry Stanley

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Seth Geise Staff answered 4 months ago

Thank you for your question, Larry! When a cigar is freshly rolled, it starts very strong, where it is borderline harsh. Over time as it rests in your humidor, the strength mellows and becomes smoother, but there will still be some of that ammonia-like taste until a while after you first put them into your humidor. That’s why we suggest not opening the box too often so you can let those cigars age properly. If you’re aging them for more than 6 months or so, I will leave your RH at around 65% because once they get past that point of the aging process, they’ll start to lose their signature over-powering Cuban strength, which you really want to preserve during this aging process.

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